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"All right,背着🏡" said the Doctor,奶奶😓 "I'll call on him with your compliments."


The snake,保姆✉ hearing Cheapside's chatter,背着🐗 thought something must be wrong. He turned his head-end around and came back to see what the matter was. Then a short halt was made in the journey while the Doctor and Jip cleaned themselves up,保姆👥 and the precious notebooks,保姆🔶 which had also been jerked out into the mud,进城🌐 were rescued and stowed in a safe place.


"That's true,奶奶📛" murmured the Doctor. "But what shall I write to him about?"

背着奶奶进城奶奶当保姆是第几集And in the meantime he went back and continued the work of getting the domestic mail service in good running order at the post office at Fantippo.

Soon,背着⚪ when the sky over the lake was beginning to fill up with circling ospreys,奶奶🔋 herons and albatrosses,背着💌 Speedy left the Doctor and flew off to join them. There,背着🍘 taking up a position in the sky right over the centre of the lake,背着📲 he hovered motionless,背着💳 as a marker for the stone-droppers. Then the work began.


Next Wednesday,进城💤 July 18,进城🐎 the Red-Winged Plovers will leave this office for Denmark and points on the Skager Rack. Post your mail early,进城🌾 please. All letters should bear a four-penny stamp. Small packages will also be carried on this flight for Morocco,保姆🔥 Portugal and the Channel Islands.背着奶奶进城奶奶当保姆是第几集So the gull,背着😑 after thanking the Doctor and Dab-Dab for a very excellent luncheon,背着🍃 took a couple of postcards which were going to Angola and flew off to get One Eye,进城🚇 the albatross.

This time the officers all burst out laughing and tapped their foreheads knowingly,背着🦢 to show they thought the Doctor was crazy. And the Captain,进城😆 thinking he was being made a fool of,进城🐧 flew into a rage once more and was all for having the Doctor arrested again.

Then going outside,保姆🍁 he called for Quip the Carrier.

"No,奶奶♉ now wait a minute,保姆😥" cried the Doctor. "Don't all be jumping on him this way. We were all young once. Let him tell his story. He may win the prize. Who knows? Come along,背着🦆 Gub-Gub. Tell us your story. What's the name of it?"背着奶奶进城奶奶当保姆是第几集Then going outside,进城😲 he called for Quip the Carrier.



These were the days,背着📚 you must understand,奶奶📳 when slavery was being done away with. To capture,保姆⚾ to buy or to sell slaves had,保姆👬 in fact,保姆🚖 been strictly forbidden by most governments. But certain bad men still came down to the west coast of Africa and captured or bought slaves secretly and took them away in ships to other lands to work on cotton and tobacco plantations. Some African kings sold prisoners they had taken in war to these men and made a great deal of money that way.



The old turtle thanked him over and over again and the parting was a very affecting one. When at last the goodbyes were all said,保姆⚽ they got into the canoe and set out on the return journey.

So then the King,进城💷 who was a persevering man,保姆⌚ said that Fantippo should have its post office,保姆🚦 anyway. And he sent to England for hundreds of postmen's uniforms and caps. And when these arrived he dressed a lot of black men up in them and set them to work as postmen.背着奶奶进城奶奶当保姆是第几集"Good heavens!" cried the Doctor. "What can have happened? There's a lighthouse keeper living there to attend to it. Was it lighted earlier in the evening?"

Then he strode through the prison door out into the sunlit street,进城🍊 while the frightened people fell back on either side and covered their faces,保姆🏢 whispering:


And in spite of the lateness of the hour,进城🔈 John Dolittle said a hasty farewell to Chief Nyam-Nyam and started off by moonlight for Fantippo Harbor.背着奶奶进城奶奶当保姆是第几集"Cheapside,保姆🌰 the London sparrow"

"Great heavens!" cried the Doctor,背着👹 springing up. "The pearls gone? And they were registered,保姆💓 too!"

All attempts to trace the writer having failed,保姆🦢 the Doctor,背着🐹 after two days,保姆🏮 gave it up and went back to his regular work. This kept him so busy for the next week that he finally forgot all about the turtle and his mysterious letter.

"Well,进城🏆" said the neat little bird,进城➿ settling down on the ground at his feet,背着🌖 "I've found you at last,背着📧 Doctor. I've been hunting all over creation for you."

背着奶奶进城奶奶当保姆是第几集Very well,奶奶🍕 then. Now,奶奶🌘 it happened one day that a ship called at the coast of West Africa,进城🚕 and delivered a letter for Koko,背着⚠ the King of Fantippo. King Koko had never seen a stamp before and,进城🐘 sending for a white merchant who lived in his town,进城📻 he asked him what queen's face was this on the stamp which the letter bore.


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    In a minute Dab-Dab went through the pockets of the man who lay so still upon the floor.

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    "Tee-hee-hee!" tittered the white mouse.

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    Well,背着📳 after ten days John Dolittle got what is called the Domestic Mails in pretty good shape. Domestic mails are those that carry letters from one part of a country to another part of the same country,背着🚥 or from one part of a city to another. The mails that carry letters outside the country to foreign lands are called Foreign Mails. To have a regular and good service of foreign mails in the Fantippo post office the Doctor found a hard problem,奶奶🉑 because the mail ships which could carry letters abroad did not come very often to this port. Fantippo,背着😀 although King Koko was most proud of it,背着🍟 was not considered a very important country among the regular civilized nations and two or three ships a year were all that ever called there.

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    "The Doctor gave the king a cup of China tea"

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    "From Dahomey to Venezuela,背着🍀" said Speedy,进城♐ raising his right foot to smother a yawn.

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    So the Doctor decided that he had better have a sea bird to guide him. And Dab-Dab went and got a curlew who was strolling about on the beach,背着🌚 doing nothing in particular. This bird said he knew the place quite well and would consider it an honor to act as guide to John Dolittle. Then,进城⛎ with Jip,保姆🌼 Dab-Dab,奶奶🐥 Gub-Gub and the white mouse,进城🐜 the Doctor got into his canoe and started off for the Harmattan Rocks.

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    They sailed away down to the south coast of the Bight of Benin. There they visited many African kingdoms and strange tribes. And while they were ashore the pushmi-pullyu had a chance to wander freely through his old grazing grounds. And he enjoyed his holiday thoroughly.

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    "He has gone northward,进城🔌" said the Doctor. "But your ship is fast and should be able to overtake him. If he hides in some of these bays and creeks I have several birds here with me who can,背着😘 as soon as it is light,保姆🌝 seek him out for us and tell us where he is."

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