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There was terrible confusion. And until the moon had risen people were hitting and falling over one another everywhere in the darkness,比亚📨 not knowing friend from enemy.


There was terrible confusion. And until the moon had risen people were hitting and falling over one another everywhere in the darkness,论坛🌲 not knowing friend from enemy.

比亚迪f6论坛So then the King,论坛🚤 who was a persevering man,论坛🐒 said that Fantippo should have its post office,比亚😸 anyway. And he sent to England for hundreds of postmen's uniforms and caps. And when these arrived he dressed a lot of black men up in them and set them to work as postmen.

With a flap of her wings,论坛🚭 Dab-Dab flew right through the open window and was gone into the night,比亚😁 while the Doctor grabbed his little black medicine bag and,比亚🚄 calling to the gull to follow him,比亚🎲 ran down to the other end of the houseboat,比亚📭 untied the canoe and jumped in. Then he pushed off,论坛‼ headed around the island of No-Man's-Land and paddled for all he was worth for the seaward end of Cape Stephen.


Next Cheapside,比亚🚗 grumbling in a sleepy chirp,论坛👔 brought his head out from under his wing,比亚💧 gave the muddy scenery one look and popped it back again.

Then the engine boy,论坛🔐 also anxious that his ship should have the honor of capturing Bones,比亚📎 tied down the safety valve on the steam engine,论坛⏳ to make her go faster,比亚👟 and then went up on deck to see the show. And soon,比亚😴 of course,比亚🐣 one of the Violet's brand new boilers burst with a terrific bang and made an awful mess of the engine room.比亚迪f6论坛And the frightened minister moved back among the crowd so the Doctor's evil gaze could not fall upon his face.

"How do you mean?" asked John Dolittle.

Dab-Dab,比亚🎴 Too-Too and Cheapside did not,论坛🎴 of course,论坛👶 bother to sit in the canoe. They found flying from tree to tree a much easier way to travel. But in one of these jerky pulls which the snake gave on his living towline,论坛🐯 the Doctor and Jip were left sitting in the mud as the canoe was actually yanked from under them. This so much amused the vulgar Cheapside,论坛💿 who was perched in a mangrove tree above their heads,论坛㊗ that he suddenly broke the solemn silence of the swamp by bursting into noisy laughter.

Later in the afternoon the gull returned and with him came the great One Eye,论坛🌂 oldest of bird weather prophets.

比亚迪f6论坛Then the old Chief opened the door and made a speech to the clamoring crowd outside. And when he had ended Obombo,论坛👠 the son-in-law,论坛💡 got up and began another speech,论坛® calling on the people to drive the old man out into the jungle. But before he had got halfway through the crowd began to murmur to one another:

"Where is that?" asked the Doctor.


"Great heavens,论坛👊 Gub-Gub!" the Doctor exclaimed. "Don't you think I'm busy enough already? What do you want a parcel post for?"

"'Willie,比亚☑ we're lost! Whatever shall we do? Night is coming on and I'm so afraid of the dark.'



Then the Doctor and Zuzana started to paddle their canoe for all they were worth in the direction of the light. The night was calm,比亚❎ but the long swell of the ocean swung the little canoe up and down like a seesaw and it needed all Zuzana's skill to keep it in a straight line.

"Well,比亚🈲 in that way,比亚🎨 keeping ahead of them and calling like a cat,比亚😵 I finally led the children right out of the woods. They did a good deal of stumbling and the girl's long hair often got caught in the bushes. But I always waited for them if they were lagging behind. At last,论坛🌴 when we gained the open fields,论坛😃 we saw three houses on the sky line,比亚🌓 and the middle one was all lighted up and people with lanterns were running around it,论坛🚣 hunting in all directions.比亚迪f6论坛

"And where might No-Man's-Land be?" said John Dolittle.


"All right,论坛🌴" said the Doctor. "I'll mention that."

"What in thunder's this?" roared the Captain from the quarterdeck as the shot rang out. "Didn't I give the order to cease firing?"比亚迪f6论坛

Great was the rejoicing among the Doctor's pets and the patient swallows when the news got about that John Dolittle was really going home at last. Gub-Gub and Jip could hardly wait while the last duties and ceremonies of closing the houseboat to the public and transferring the Foreign Mails Service to the office in the town were performed. Dab-Dab bustled cheerfully from morning to night while Cheapside never ceased to chatter of the glories of London,比亚🚴 the comforts of a city life and all the things he was going to do as soon as he got back to his beloved native haunts.

The bird chosen to take the package happened to be one of the thrushes that had brought the Brussels sprouts from England. These birds were still staying in the neighborhood. And though a thrush was a somewhat small bird to carry parcel post,比亚📏 the package was a very little one and the Doctor had nobody else to send. So after explaining to the thrush that registered mail should be guarded very carefully by postmen,比亚✖ the Doctor sent the pearls off.

比亚迪f6论坛"But this lady was in distress,比亚🚈" said the Doctor. "I was in such a hurry I forgot all about lighting the ship. In fact,论坛💏 it wasn't dark yet when I left."

"So,比亚🚊 since I wasn't doing the children any good,论坛🈳 I went off to look up this other owl and see if he had any ideas to suggest. I found him sitting on the stump of a hollow birch,论坛🈯 rubbing his eyes,比亚👍 having just got out of bed.


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    "I sent them to myself,比亚🚺" said Gub-Gub,论坛🍄 "from Fantippo yesterday. I don't see why you fellows should get all the mail. Nobody writes to me,比亚🌳 so I write to myself."

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    The next thing I must tell you about is the Prize Story Competition: The fame of the Puddleby fireside-circle,比亚🔠 where the Doctor had amused his pets with so many interesting tales,比亚🐢 had become quite a famous institution. Too-Too had gossiped about it; Gub-Gub,比亚😌 Jip and the white mouse had boasted of it. (You see,比亚📂 they were always proud that they could say they were part of the great man's regular household.) And before long,比亚🐄 through this new post office of their own,比亚😬 creatures all over the world were speaking of it and discussing it by letter. Next thing,论坛🎺 the Doctor began to receive requests for stories by mail. He had become equally famous as an animal doctor,比亚😭 an animal educator and an animal author.

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    John Dolittle tore open the envelope.

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    "'Well,比亚👌 it was some cat,比亚♦' says the boy. 'He must be right around here somewhere,比亚🐙 because he led us almost up to the door.'

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    "Ah,比亚😠 England!" cried Gub-Gub sentimentally. "What is there more beautiful in life than the heart of a young lettuce in the Spring?"

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    "Oh,比亚🏭" said the Doctor,比亚🚥 "who is that?"

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