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"All right,文档🔡" said Dab-Dab. "But it may take me a little time. There are several islands and quite a number of spoonbills. I shall have to make inquiries and find out which one sent you the pearls."

And the Doctor held some medicine to his lips which he had taken from the little black bag.



"Wilkins levelled a pistol at the Doctor's head"

"This she did,EXCEL🍴 and the results were excellent. The rats departed in a body and the old horse's corn-bin was left undisturbed. Then she disappeared and for several nights I saw nothing of her. So one evening I thought it would be only decent of me to call at her farm down the Oxenthorpe Road,如何🆑 to thank her.如何建立共享EXCEL文档Getting them lighted in the wind that swept across the lake was no easy matter. But to protect their flame Too-Too wove a couple of little lanterns out of thin leaves,如何🚬 through which the light shone dimly green but bright enough to see your way by.

"What chance have we of that?" shouted Dab-Dab. "It's as black as black down here. And the ship is coming nearer every minute."


As soon as their backs were turned Speedy jumped on top of one of the guns and,建立✏ straddling his short,建立🌝 white legs apart,EXCEL📣 he cast his beady little black eyes along the aiming sights. Then with his wings he signaled to the Doctor behind him to swing the gun this way and that,EXCEL🗽 so as to aim it the way he wanted.

"Boom!" ... The shot went rolling and echoing over the silent sea like angry thunder.如何建立共享EXCEL文档"And,EXCEL🐍 then,共享🌓" Speedy went on,共享😾 "nearly all other kinds of birds have a sign language of their own. For example,共享🌇 the kingfishers have a way of marking the trees along the river to show where good fishing is to be found. And thrushes have signs,EXCEL📈 too; one I've often seen on stones,建立📈 which means 'Crack your snail shells here.' That's so the thrushes won't go throwing their snail shells all over the place and scare the live snails into keeping out of sight."

"His only interest in life is food,如何📊 anyway,建立🍀" said Too-Too. "Let someone else tell a story."如何建立共享EXCEL文档

"Well,文档🌆" said Jip,EXCEL😐 "whatever happens,建立🎨 it's nice the Doctor's got the pearl. He always seems to be in need of money. And,如何🎽 as you say,文档🐝 Dab-Dab,文档😳 that should make anybody rich for life."


"And me,共享💒 too,共享㊙" sighed Jip. "Were there many rats in the woodshed,共享🌆 Cheapside?"

"Tee-hee-hee!" tittered the white mouse.



He found the Captain strutting the quarterdeck,EXCEL🌜 mumbling to himself.

But,EXCEL🚊 alas! instead of making the number of letters he had to answer less,EXCEL👥 the Doctor found that by sending out books of information he increased a hundredfold the already enormous mail he had to attend to.如何建立共享EXCEL文档

"In my travels through the woods I heard children's voices and the barking of a dog. Usually I would have gone further into the forest,共享💘 away from such sounds. But in my young days I was a curious bird and my curiosity often led me into many adventures. So instead of flying away,EXCEL🚞 I went toward the noises I heard,文档💋 moving cautiously from tree to tree,如何🏊 so that I could see without being seen.


So Dab-Dab went out with the spoonbill and started pearl fishing.

"Oh,建立⚽ surely,建立⛵" said the Doctor. "He discovered America in 1492."如何建立共享EXCEL文档"They are the ruins of a city. I used to be content to live and sleep in the mud. But since my gout has been so bad I thought I ought to make myself something solid and dry to rest on. Those stones are pieces of a king's house."

One day when he was pulling out a loose tooth for a baby hippopotamus with his watch-chain,如何🐵 Speedy-the-Skimmer turned up,如何✂ looking rather annoyed.

So the Doctor's letter was written and addressed to Matthew Mugg,如何👡 Esquire,建立📱 Cats' Meat Merchant,EXCEL🌗 Puddleby-on-the-Marsh,如何😋 Slopshire,共享🆚 England. And it was sent off by Quip-the-Carrier.

"All right,EXCEL🌘" said the Doctor,建立🛁 hurrying into his coat. "Wait just a moment till I wake Dab-Dab."

CHAPTER IV如何建立共享EXCEL文档"What's a sanitarium?" asked Gub-Gub.

"'I've tried,EXCEL🔐' I said. 'But they're so scared they won't follow me. They don't like my voice or something. They take me for a wicked ogre,文档🐋 and all that sort of rot.'


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    "Doctor,文档📇" panted the gull,文档🈹 "the Cape Stephen Light is out. I don't know what's the matter. It has never gone out before. We use it as a land-mark,共享📞 you know,如何🌋 when we are flying after dark. The night's as black as ink. I'm afraid some ship will surely run into the cape. I thought I'd come and tell you."

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    "John Dolittle."

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    John Dolittle had no idea of what he meant to do. Nor was the gull himself sure that he would be in time to succeed with the plan he had in mind. But presently,EXCEL📭 to his delight,共享📞 the seabird heard his call being answered from the rocky shores shrouded in darkness. And soon he had hundreds of his brother gulls circling round him in the night.

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    Presently the keeper opened his eyes wide and stared up into the Doctor's face.

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    "Lor' bless us!" muttered Cheapside. "What a wonderful piano-mover 'e would make to be sure! Great Carter Patterson! Does 'e think the Doctor's goin' to 'ang that on 'is watch-chain?"

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    "It couldn't have,如何🏣" said the thrush. "I put it into a little hollow in the bark of the bough. It just couldn't have slipped or rolled. Somebody must have taken it."

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    John Dolittle had thought that he and his friends had gone home to London. But they hadn't. They knew the Doctor would need them and they had just hung around outside the town. And then the Doctor,如何🎡 after lecturing Cheapside again about politeness,EXCEL📝 gave him back his job.

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    Well,建立🌐 after ten days John Dolittle got what is called the Domestic Mails in pretty good shape. Domestic mails are those that carry letters from one part of a country to another part of the same country,如何📠 or from one part of a city to another. The mails that carry letters outside the country to foreign lands are called Foreign Mails. To have a regular and good service of foreign mails in the Fantippo post office the Doctor found a hard problem,共享🔔 because the mail ships which could carry letters abroad did not come very often to this port. Fantippo,EXCEL✒ although King Koko was most proud of it,如何🐇 was not considered a very important country among the regular civilized nations and two or three ships a year were all that ever called there.

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